R is a free software environment made up of many user-written packages. In this tutorial, we work on how to get a list of installed packages, the package versions, the place of packages in R.

Managing R packages is essential for R users. Firstly, we will learn how to get a list of installed packages. Secondly, we go over finding version of the package. Thirdly, we will learn the pathways of the R packages installed. At last, we check whether a package is installed or not.

In this article, we will learn the answers of the following questions.

  • How can I get a list of installed packages?
  • How to find out which package version is loaded in R?
  • How do I find where R packages are installed?
  • How do you check if an R package has been installed?

We can see the installed packages with installed.packages() function. Then, we pull the packages and their versions.

packINFO <- as.data.frame(installed.packages())[,c("Package", "Version")]
rownames(packINFO) <- NULL

Let’s see the head of installed packages and their versions.

##       Package Version
## 1          A3   1.0.0
## 2 ABCanalysis   1.2.1
## 3       abind   1.4-5
## 4         ada   2.0-5
## 5      admisc    0.30
## 6         AER  1.2-10

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How to Find Package Version in R

In this section, we learn how to find the package version in R. For instance, let’s find the version of onewaytests package (Dag et al., 2018).

packINFO[packINFO$Package == "onewaytests",]
##         Package Version
## 300 onewaytests     2.7

## [1] ‘2.7’

## version 
##   "2.7"

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How to Find Where R Packages are Installed

We can find the pathways of the R packages installed with .libPaths() function.

## [1] "C:/Users/osmandag/Documents/R/win-library/4.0"
## [2] "C:/Program Files/R/R-4.0.2/library" 

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How to Check If/Where an R Package is Installed

In this part, we learn how to check whether an R package is installed or not. For example, let’s check whether onewaytests package (Dag et al., 2018) is installed with system.file() function.

system.file(package = "onewaytests")
## [1] "C:/Users/osmandag/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/onewaytests"

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How to List Installed Packages with Versions in R
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Dag, O., Dolgun, A., Konar, N.M. (2018). onewaytests: An R Package for One-Way Tests in Independent Groups Designs. R Journal, 10(1), 175-199.

Dr. Osman Dag